What is Compost?
Composting is the controlled breakdown or degradation of organic material into a product known as humus.
What Goes Into Your Compost?
Please see the Composting Tips section of the web site.
Do You Pick Pick Up Paper or Seafood Products?
Despite the fact that these items are compostable, the Composting Network does not collect them at this time.
How Do I Become a Compost Partner?
Fill out the following form and you will be contacted by a Composting Network Representative.

What are the Three Main Types of Composting?

This method is most often used for composting food waste. This type of composting uses red worms, bacteria, fungi, and other bugs to break down the materials. Each micro-organism serves a purpose, whether it is to break down materials or produce food for the others. Proper aeration and moist conditions are necessary for a healthy compost environment. Conditions need monitoring, and need a medium level of maintenance.

This composting uses air and bacteria, and is suitable for waste that is high in nitrogen. Things like grass clippings and leaves allow a type of bacteria to grow that produces high temperatures, up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. This type of composting works quickly, but requires a high amount of maintenance to keep the temperatures up. It will need to be turned every few days to allow for proper air circulation. Watering the compost while turning it is also necessary to keep moisture levels up. Aerobic composting is suitable for large amounts of materials, but the rate will slow down if allowed to dry or cool.

This composting, also known as slime composting, uses only bacteria and does not need air circulation to break down the waste. Materials are gathered together in a pile and allowed to break down without any maintenance. This type of composting may take several years, and is the kind of composting that happens in landfills. This type of bacteria that grows is slow-moving and does not require air.

Questions regarding compost such as these and more can be answered at one of our composting workshops. For a list of available dates and times please check out our Events Calendar.